Chebyshev LPF Calculator

n fc [MHz] Zo [ohm] ripple [dB] >

Type1 C1 [pF] L1 [nH] C2 [pF] L2 [nH] C3 [pF]
L3 [nH] C4 [pF] L4 [nH] C5 [pF]

Type2 L1 [nH] C1 [pF] L2 [nH] C2 [pF] L3 [nH]
C3 [pF] L4 [nH] C4 [pF] L5 [nH]

[ How to use ]
1. Input element number (n), cutoff frequency (fc), characteristic impedance (Zo), ripple,
and click on [ Calculate ] button.
2. A calculation result is indicated.

[ Note ]The number of element is only an odd number individual.
(Even if an even number is inputted to n, 1 is added automatically,
and changed into the odd number.)