WIFI+RFID Wireless Counter


Transmit data of machine working status and product quantity through WiFi. Equipped with RFID reader, auto record machine operator and LED instruction system for backstage to notice the frontline workers of the machine status. The wireless Counter is widely applicable to many equipment, such as, CNC machine tool, Cutting Machine, Plastic machine, Drilling machine, Tapping machine, Milling machines, Surface grinder, Radial drilling machine, Bench drill, Chamfering machine, Engraving machine and so on; wireless transmission makes product enough stability.


WIFI+RFID Wireless CounterWIFI+RFID Wireless Counter WIFI+RFID Wireless Counter WIFI+RFID Wireless Counter
  • LED Monitor, low power
  • Press count/pause for pause counting, one more press count/pause for continuing count
  • Reset: return to zero
  • Anti-knock design to make sure system stable
  • No more mechanical wear


  • Transmit power: 17.0dBm@1DSSS / 17.25dBm@11CCK / 13.5dBm@54OFDM
  • Receiving sensitivity: -94.7dBm@1DSSS / -87.0dBm@11DSSS / -73.0dBm@54OFDM
  • Transfer rate: 802.11b:11Mbps / 802.11g:54Mbps / 802.11n:54Mbps
  • Security mechanisms: WEP-A / WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK
  • Encryption type: WEP64 / WEP128 / TKIP/CCMP (AES)
  • Reset mode: button
  • Count range: 00000~99999
  • Clear minimum pulse width: 0.1 seconds
  • Count the highest frequency: 20Hz
  • Minimum pulse width: 10mS
  • Using ambient temperature: -5~40
  • Outline dimension: 110*72.5*26mm (antenna length 170mm)


  • Counting for CNC machine tool
  • Counting for Cutting Machine
  • Counting for Plastic machine
  • Counting for Drilling machine
  • Counting for Tapping machine
  • Counting for Milling machines
  • Counting for Surface grinder
  • Counting for Radial drilling machine
  • Counting for Bench drill
  • Counting for Chamfering machine
  • Counting for Engraving machine

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