Remote Control Transmitter


TX-L102, wireless high-frequency 2 buttons remote controller, using the latest technology to design SAW FSK, replacing traditional ASK frequency modulation. It can be to prevent interference. Two kind of frequency: 433.92MHz, complied with FCC/CE standard. Long-distance is up to 100m. Application: Roller shutter remote control, light control, parking lot elevator remote control, motor vehicle security.

Remote Control (Transmitter)

  • Frequency Range : 433.92MHz
  • Modulation :FM ±20KHz
  • RF Power : 8dBm
  • Battery : 23A/DC12V
  • Button : 2 keys
  • Use the advanced technical SAW, precise,
    the frequency no deviation.
  • Purpose : Garage remote control, the automobile security, the central gate control,
    automatic valve control, High-Tech lock


Material Specification Color
Casing ABS Black
Button 4 Orange
Battery DC 12V, 23A -----
Size 39.83*51.83*13.24mm -----


Push the button "1F", call car elevator to 1F
Push the button "B1", call car elevator to B1
Push the button "B2", call car elevator to B2
Push the button "EXIT", it will be stopped.

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