TX-F02 Remote Control Transmitter


TX-F02 is switch controlled by programmer. By RF wireless technology, can reach the distance about reach 80~120m if work with WENSHING remote control receiver. The feature of RF wireless technology, do not need the direction to use; and its special frequency 371.5MHz can avoid most of the interference.

Remote Control (Transmitter)

  • Frequency Range : 371.5MHz
  • Channel spacing : ±250KHz
  • Sensitivity : -106~-108dBm
  • Battery : 23A/DC12V
  • Button : two keys
  • Use the advanced technical SAW, precise,
    the frequency no deviation.
  • Purpose : Garage remote control, the automobile security, the central gate control,
    automatic valve control, High-Tech lock


Material Specification Color
Casing ABS Black
Button 2 Orange
Battery DC 12V, 23A -----
Size 60*40*12mm -----


Push the button "ON", it will be opened.
Push the button "OFF", it will be closed.

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