902~928MHz RFID Antenna

Model:WS-Game ball Ant

902~928MHz RFID Antenna is a very special designing UHF band RFID direction antenna for the occasion which has very difficult reading conditions. By using waveguide to make exclusive design gathering the radiant energies onto the same direction and deduct the reading angle, to let the reading range shape into long square for library management, access control, telecom cabinet management, jewelry management and Filing cabinet management...etc.

902~928MHz RFID Antenna

Main Technical Specifications
Frequency 902~928MHz
The input impedance 50Ω
High frequency terminal MCX
High frequency line 8CM,RG-405
Gain 2dBi
In Bobbi ≤1.3
Polarization mode Circular polarization
Vertical Beam width 60
Horizontal Beam width 100
Bandwidth 4MHz
Size 76x60x7mm

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902~928MHz 2dBi RFID Antenna